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We are a tech management consulting firm specializing in R&D related to measuring, analyzing, and optimizing people's experiences.

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People Experience Platform

Unleash your power using our revolutionized technology

ICM platform is the next generation of employee experience platforms. It allows you to measure, analyze, and optimize your employees' experiences to increase their performance and employer brand.

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Established in 1996, The CPD Certification Service is the world's leading and largest independent CPD accreditation organization working across all industry sectors.

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OHBI is an international research laboratory specialized in the field of organizational and industrial psychology, with a focus on promoting a healthy place to work.

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The European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology is the primary professional organization for industrial and organizational psychologists in Europe.

Our Models

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ICM Employee Experience Model

The ICM Employee Experience Model provides a comprehensive framework for managing the employee lifecycle.

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 Organizational Health Behavior Index (OHBI)

"Organizational health" refers to organizations that meet the basic needs to achieve the strategic goals and ensure high performance 

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Strategy 2 Employee OHBI Model

A holistic approach to facilitate strategy execution through organizational culture and employee experience

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OHBI Culture Transformation Model

A holistic approach to organizational Culture Transformation, using CVF Competing value framework

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